March 16

About Leo (My buddy)

This is blog post is about Leo:

I likes to paint, draw and play with friends.

My favourite food is pancakes because I get to help make them.

My favourite colours are orange, green and blue.

I like the letter “L” because is the star of of my name.

I like dinosaurs because they have big teeth and big claws, my favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex.

My favourite animal is crocodiles and snakes.

I like minions because there yellow and like bananas.

My best friend is Melina.

Thank you for reading




December 1

Tap water vs Bottled water

When you buy bottled water do you ever think bottled water is better than tap water. Well some people say it is but I reckon it’s not because someone from that Fiji water thought Cleveland’s water was bad quality so Fiji   made an ad saying  that their water was better. So Cleveland took offence and tested Fiji’s water and the quality was was worse than cleveland’s tap water. When people make bottles for water to go in the amount of oil used to make plastic bottles in a year can fill up one million cars. When you see the labels on plastic bottles it’s probably got mountains on it and nature sort of things but really all it is is filtered tap water.

October 22

My favorite biome

My favourite biome is the beach, I like the beach because I like the to swim in the ocean  and there are rock pools so you can see the fish, octopus and all the little critters of the ocean. Another reason I like the beach is because I can make sand castle and sand culture. The last reason I like the beach because  you can warm up your body and sit in the sun.