September 6

Our Excursion

In week 7 we went to the Melbourne city to learn about the Parliament House and the state library. I learnt all about how a bill is procesesd and the structure for  parliament. We also did a role Play about a bill that wanted to ban smoking in more public places, our role play bill didn’t get past the lower house. I also learnt what all the roles were I’m parliament and that there is a weapon they have in every chamber.

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1 thoughts on “Our Excursion

  1. Ms Scott

    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for writing about our excursion as one of the homework tasks. Could you include some information about:
    How you worked in a team. What were some of the skills that you demonstrated when working with your team.
    What your mapping skills are like and has the excursion given you an insight into the streets and roads in Melbourne.
    What landmarks that you visited that made an impact on you and why?
    The train journey and walking in the city
    Inside Parliament House – the layout and architecture of the building
    Inside The State Library- what did you take away from this experience?

    From Ms Scott


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