September 16

Term 3 Reflection – Inquiry

Term 3 Reflection – Inquiry


This term I have enjoyed learning about old politicians and how our country became a federation. For my plt i did Neville Bonner. When we went to the parliament house I learnt a lot like how a bill gets processed and what this different chambers do. First a bill has to get past the lower house the through the upper house then it becomes a law.


When we did debates it was fun. Our group topic was: Self-driving cars are safe – we were the negative team. We also did a debate at the parliament house in melbourne. Im also looking forward to camp and going to MSAC.


September 6

Our Excursion

In week 7 we went to the Melbourne city to learn about the Parliament House and the state library. I learnt all about how a bill is procesesd and the structure for  parliament. We also did a role Play about a bill that wanted to ban smoking in more public places, our role play bill didn’t get past the lower house. I also learnt what all the roles were I’m parliament and that there is a weapon they have in every chamber.