December 1

Tap water vs Bottled water

When you buy bottled water do you ever think bottled water is better than tap water. Well some people say it is but I reckon it’s not because someone from that Fiji water thought Cleveland’s water was bad quality so Fiji   made an ad saying  that their water was better. So Cleveland took offence and tested Fiji’s water and the quality was was worse than cleveland’s tap water. When people make bottles for water to go in the amount of oil used to make plastic bottles in a year can fill up one million cars. When you see the labels on plastic bottles it’s probably got mountains on it and nature sort of things but really all it is is filtered tap water.

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1 thoughts on “Tap water vs Bottled water

  1. brandonpsl

    Hello Brandon, I liked your post about bottled water. I thought it was really interesting because my family always buys bottled water, Also I would really like to ask, Why is Cleveland bottled water better then Fiji bottled water.


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