November 14

Camp Relfection


The best part Was Archery because it tested your strength and accuracy, I also got more turnsBecause there were only three people who are left handed and the left handers have to use a special bow.

The funniest thing was When Brandon Paulse was forced to sleep on the ground because Cooper didn’t want Brandon breathing on him a Jack   didn’t want his feet near him.

The hardest part was  The titanic raft because it was hard to keep balance and really hard to paddle because we had “animal” shaped Paddles.

Something I learned is That teamwork can really help things when you need help

Someone I got to know better was All of the teachers without their teacher “hat” on.

Something that surprised me wasThat most of us brought  lollies and one of the people in my cabin brought a jar of nutella

Most memorable part Was when I got smashed on the leg by a thong because I ate a mars bar

September 16

Term 3 Reflection – Inquiry

Term 3 Reflection – Inquiry


This term I have enjoyed learning about old politicians and how our country became a federation. For my plt i did Neville Bonner. When we went to the parliament house I learnt a lot like how a bill gets processed and what this different chambers do. First a bill has to get past the lower house the through the upper house then it becomes a law.


When we did debates it was fun. Our group topic was: Self-driving cars are safe – we were the negative team. We also did a debate at the parliament house in melbourne. Im also looking forward to camp and going to MSAC.


September 6

Our Excursion

In week 7 we went to the Melbourne city to learn about the Parliament House and the state library. I learnt all about how a bill is procesesd and the structure for  parliament. We also did a role Play about a bill that wanted to ban smoking in more public places, our role play bill didn’t get past the lower house. I also learnt what all the roles were I’m parliament and that there is a weapon they have in every chamber.